Chelsea Ivory Coast legend Didier Drogba praises artist’s incredibly lifelike portrait

While many players have to make do with questionable statues, Didier Drogba has had the good fortune to have his likeness captured by a skilled artist who actually seems to be familiar with the veteran Phoenix Rising striker.

Mac Ryan shared a photo of his amazingly realistic painting of Drogba on social media, while asking the man himself what he thought of it.

It wasn’t long before Drogba replied, the former Chelsea hero commending the artist for his superb brushwork.

“Huge! Thank you for this very, very good work,” the 40-year-old exclaimed on Twitter.

The Toe Poke doesn’t claim to be the most knowledgeable art aficionados, but even we can tell that Ryan’s portrait is absolutely spot on.

It certainly beats a wonky bronze bust outside an airport any old day.

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