Euro 2024: UEFA bans Russian flags at Ukraine match – source

UEFA has banned Russia flags from Ukraine fixtures at Euro 2024 due to fears that their presence could lead to security issues inside match venues, a source has told ESPN.

The national flag of Russia has been visible at some fixtures during the competition so far, including the opening game between host nation Germany and Scotland in Munich and Sunday’s clash between England and Serbia in Gelsenkirchen.

But with Russia’s conflict with Ukraine still ongoing following the Russian invasion in February 2022, UEFA has now banned their flag from games involving Ukraine, who lost to Romania 3-0 in their Group E fixture in Munich on Monday.

A UEFA spokesperson said: “Russian flags will not be allowed at matches of the Ukrainian national team.

“All flags are generally admitted unless they are considered provocative and/or discriminatory and/or could represent a security issue.”

UEFA’s existing policy on flags and banners states they will be allowed into stadiums unless they carry forbidden or discriminatory symbols that would constitute a criminal offence in Germany, including racist, xenophobic, politically radical or National Socialist symbols.

But while the Russia flag does not meet any of those criteria, the risk of its visibility provoking unrest at Ukraine fixtures has prompted UEFA to prohibit the flag.

Russia is not competing at Euro 2024.

The Russian Football Union has been suspended from all UEFA and FIFA competitions since the invasion of Ukraine, although the national team is still allowed to play non-competitive fixtures.