German police arrest over 200 fans before Rhine derby

Monchengladbach police made more than 200 arrests after clashes among rival fans the night before the Bundesliga’s Rhine derby between Borussia Monchengladbach and FC Cologne.

Police said Saturday they arrested a total of 205 “problem fans” — 131 Cologne supporters and 74 of the home team — following violent clashes outside the stadium where Gladbach supporters had been preparing the choreography for Saturday’s match.

Buses from a local transport company were needed to process the high number of people taken into custody, police said.

Three officers were injured, one of whom was unable to continue duty, police said.

Police called in additional forces and used pepper spray and batons to separate the two groups.

“The police are initiating investigations into violations of the explosives act, serious breaches of the peace and resistance to the emergency services, among other things,” the police statement said.