Malaysian player Halim walking again after acid attack

Malaysian footballer Faisal Halim has responded well to a third surgery and can walk after being left in critical condition from an acid attack, state news agency Bernama reported on Friday.

A series of attacks on players have taken place in Malaysia over the last two weeks. Halim was splashed with acid at a shopping mall on May 5, leaving him with fourth-degree burns that impeded his mobility and speech.

The season-opening Charity Shield match was cancelled after Faisal’s side Selangor FC withdrew due to safety concerns following a series of attacks on players.

Halim has responded well after undergoing a three-hour long skin allograft surgery on Thursday, deputy president of the Selangor football association Shahril Mokhtar told Bernama on Friday.

“I heard this morning he started walking in the room and went to the bathroom by himself. That’s a positive development. He wants to go home,” he said.

The 26-year-old is due to undergo another follow-up surgery later and is expected to recover fully with time.