Man City’s new Amazon show: 10 things learned from ‘All or Nothing’ trailer

This week saw the release of the first trailer for Amazon’s upcoming intimate behind-the-scenes documentary about life living and working under the Pep Guardiola revolution at Man City.

“All or Nothing: Manchester City” follows the club for the entirety of the 2017-18 season, taking in a record-breaking Premier League title and Champions League heartbreak along the way.

Having viewed the first 30 seconds of footage available, The Toe Poke thought it would assess what we’re able to glean from this mere taster.

Firstly, City’s futuristic new dressing room at the Etihad appears to be modelled on the Jedi high council chamber.

Continuing on the Star Wars theme, it would appear that the club also have access to cryogenic cloning facilities.

Joe Hart trains (alone) in one of Roberto Mancini’s old bobble hats.

John Stones can and most certainly does lift.

Pep Guardiola is visibly startled by even the most common and rudimentary of tactical aids.

Workplace health and safety obviously isn’t a major priority in the locker room.

City have splashed out on an extremely elaborate chin-up rig which looks like something out of “The Crystal Maze.”

Benjamin Mendy may be being held against his will.

City are now so unfathomably rich they can afford to employ a trained heron as a lifeguard.

And last but by no means least, nobody celebrates a goal quite like Pep!

We’re sure there will be plenty more revelations such as these when Amazon finally release the new show later this year.

Chris covers the funny side of the game for ESPN FC in the Toe Poke blog.