Manchester City have to change a few things to move forward Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola gathers Man City players and staff to reiterate everyone’s importance on route to the Premier League title this season.

Pep Guardiola says newly-crowned champions Manchester City are already thinking about how to improve for next season.

City’s title winners are set to break a number of records this season. Those for most wins, most goals and most points stand at 30, 103 and 95 respectively — marks all held by Chelsea — and City’s current figures are 28, 93 and 87.

With a 16-point lead at the top of the table, City could also break Manchester United’s record final winning margin of 18 points from 1999-00.

Guardiola is determined to maintain momentum and that could be seen as a warning to players, because he wants to use the closing games of the campaign to assess potential changes for next season.

“Now is the time, these weeks before we finish the season, to start thinking about the squad,” he said. “The same people, (or) new people. The same with the staff. What do we have to change. Thinking about new training sessions.

“We have to change a few things to make a step forward and that’s the challenge.”

In addition to that, Guardiola also feels it would be disrespectful to the competition to allow standards to slip.

He said: “It would be uncomfortable to finish in a bad way in the next five games. In the training sessions we will insist there are still games to play — [out of] respect for the five opponents and the rest of the competition. Always, for athletes, there has to be a target. When the target is already done what is the target to fight for?”