Monterrey coach apologizes for leaked Inter Miami insult

CF Monterrey assistant coach Nico Sánchez issued an apology to Gerardo “Tata” Martino after insulting the Inter Miami manager in leaked audio that explains the post-match feud between the two clubs last week.

A source told ESPN that following Miami’s defeat, Messi, who sat out the game with an injury, angrily approached the Monterrey locker room and began yelling, though the exact reason for the confrontation was unclear. Now, Sanchez claims the confrontation came in the heat of the moment after he made a snide comment when Messi and Martino complained to the referees.

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Following the publication of the voice note, the Monterrey assistant coach retracted and expressed regret over the situation. He clarified that the audio was not meant for public consumption, despite stating “I know this is going to be leaked” in the four-minute rant.

“I am present with this video to talk about this audio that went viral today. I could hide with a text or let the club act for me, but I prefer to choose this means to show my face and see the words come out of my mouth,” Sánchez said.

“I made the audio, I explained what happened on Wednesday in the mixed zone, outside the locker room. Just as I detailed in the audio, which I sent to my intimate or private circle, but far from getting angry with them, it is my mistake, it had never happened to me and it will serve as a lesson for me.

“I understand that when the audio is made public, many people feel offended or hurt, since I do not know the Inter coach, Gerardo Martino, and I referred to him in a disrespectful manner and I apologize. I am as Argentine as all of them and I will always defend my club. I’m here to show my face and take charge.”

Amid the various statements from Monterrey, Miami continues to downplay the situation.

Herons’ assistant coach Javier Morales went on the record to say “the most important thing happened on the field, which is a Cup match,” while Martino opted for a “no comment” approach.

“I don’t have a comment, the same way we haven’t commented on the situation before, it remains,” Martino said.

“Revenge because where I come from, if two games are played, the first is called the first leg, the second is called the revenge. Nothing to do with this whole issue. I’m not even interested in creating anything.

“We are going to go play a game, if we win we will continue and if we lose we will return home and think about the league. Everything that has to do with the soap opera is not our idea.”

Miami takes on Monterrey in the second leg of the Concacaf Champions Cup quarterfinal clash on Wednesday April 9 at the BBVA Stadium in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.