Police shoot GK with rubber bullet at Brazil regional game

A Brazil regional second-division club, Grêmio Anápolis, on Thursday condemned the “criminal act” that saw their goalkeeper intentionally hit by a rubber bullet fired by a member of the military police during a post-match altercation.

After Centro Oeste’s 2-1 win, military police intervened to stop an on-field brawl between the players of both teams after the final whistle of Wednesday’s second division Goiás state game.

Video cameras captured the images of a military police officer pointing his weapon at Grêmio Anápolis goalkeeper Ramón Souza before firing a rubber bullet at the player’s leg.

The officer again pointed the weapon at the Souza, who was seen limping away. Souza received medical attention on the pitch from his club’s team doctor for excessive bleeding.

He was stretchered off the pitch and taken by ambulance to a medical center.

A club statement said: “Grêmio Anápolis publicly repudiates the regrettable, ridiculous and revolting event, at the Jonas Duarte Stadium on Wednesday night. After the end of the match our goalkeeper Ramón Souza was cowardly hit by a rubber bullet, fired by a police officer from the Specialized Policing Company (CPE).

“A horrible, unbelievable and criminal act by someone who should care about the safety and integrity of the people who were there at the Jonas Duarte Stadium.

“The GEA (Grêmio Anápolis) informs that it will take appropriate measures, so that the person responsible is punished and that justice is served, so that this CRIMINAL act does not go unpunished.”

The military police confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the incident and said in a statement “that it does not condone any misconduct committed by its members.”