Unai Emery Arsenal announcement on personal website then deletes it

Stewart Robson details what makes Unai Emery the right choice for Arsenal and why the club would have been taking the easy route with Mikel Arteta.
The FC crew react to reports that Arsenal will replace Arsene Wenger with former PSG coach Unai Emery rather than Mikel Arteta.

Ever had a new job that you couldn’t wait to tell people about? Well Unai Emery seems to be in that very spot on Tuesday night, anxious to break the news that we’ve all been waiting for: he’s the new Arsenal manager.

And yet he’s juuuuuuust a little early on his proud proclamation.

The website unai-emery.com, which he lists as his official site in his Twitter profile, carried a large Arsenal crest, suave headshot and the text “Proud to be part of the Arsenal family.” And then, just like that, it was gone, replaced by a big 404 error. Brilliant!

We’re sure this is just an issue of timing but it hardly bodes well for his tenure at the Emirates if he can’t get a simple job announcement right.

Arsenal sources have told ESPN FC that Emery is set to be announced later this week after pipping current Manchester City assistant and former Gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta for the job. However, no official announcement has been made by the club and judging by the haste with which Emery swapped a happy photo for no photo, he’s going to wait until his new bosses roll him out before rolling himself out.

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