Will England play Netherlands in round of 16 at Euro 2024?

England are through to the knockout stages at Euro 2024, but as the winners of Group C, they won’t know their round-of-16 opponents until the Group F is completed on Wednesday.

The top teams in Groups B, C, E and F will take on one of the four teams that go through as best third-placed finishers. And that’s all going to depend on who qualifies.

How do they decide the fixtures?

UEFA created a grid before the tournament began that set out where each third-placed team would go depending on which four groups provided the qualifiers.

It does not matter if a country was the best third-placed team or the fourth best — allocation is purely based upon the grid.

Which options are still open?

As we know that Group C (Slovenia), Group D (Netherlands) and Group E (Slovakia) have provided teams, and that Group B (Croatia) cannot, only two combinations are now possible: ACDE or CDEF. This refers to the letters of the groups that provide the qualifiers.

The team joining Slovakia, Slovenia and Netherlands will be: Hungary or third place in Group F.

What does this mean for England?

England have two possible round-of-16 opponents: Netherlands or Slovakia.

What needs to happen for England to play Netherlands?

If Hungary qualify in third from Group A, England will play Netherlands.

If third in Group F qualifies, England will play that team.

What are the scenarios in Group F?

There are only a handful of scenarios whereby the team in Group F would qualify. If any of these happen, England will play the third-placed team in Group F.

  • Portugal win or draw with Georgia, and Czechia beat Turkey by one or two goals (third: Turkey)

  • Georgia and Turkey win (third: Georgia)

  • Georgia and Czechia win (third: Georgia)

  • Georgia win and Turkey draw (third: Georgia)

Any other combination of results — including the first bullet with Czechia winning by 3-plus goals — means England play Netherlands.

So, what are the possible fixtures for all group winners?

As set out by which groups provide the third-placed teams, as follows:

England vs. Netherlands
Spain vs. 3E
Portugal vs. Hungary
Winners of Group E vs. Slovenia

England vs. 3E
Spain vs. 3F
Portugal vs. Slovenia
Winners of Group E vs. Netherlands