Wrexham owner McElhenney to make Enhanced Games documentary

Wrexham owner and Hollywood star Rob McElhenney is set to make a documentary based on the Enhanced Games, the proposed sporting competition for athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs.

Businessman Aron D’Souza has declared his intention to hold the inaugural Enhanced Games next year.

The idea has proved divisive, with World Athletics president Sebastian Coe slamming it as “bollocks” and the World Anti-Doping Association labelling it “dangerous and irresponsible.”

Others have been receptive to the concept, including former world champion Australian swimmer James Magnussen, who said he would “juice to the gills” to compete.

McElhenney has now confirmed he will be involved in making a documentary on the event.

“More Better is honoured to partner with RSA to help tell the extraordinary story behind the Enhanced Games,” McElhenney told Variety.

“From the moment we discovered this competition was in the works, we knew this deserved a deep exploration through a thoughtful docu-series lens.”

The competition will recruit 10 athletes to take part in the inaugural event, while Coe said anyone who competes can expect a lengthy ban.