Four reasons why everyone loves him

Amid ongoing uncertainty over star striker Harry Kane‘s immediate future, there was at least some good news for Tottenham fans as Son Heung-Min signed a new contract with the club.

The announcement came direct from the man himself, with the 29-year-old South Korea international recording a message to inform everybody that he has signed a new four-year deal that will keep him at Spurs until 2025.

Son has become a favourite at Spurs since arriving from Bayer Leverkusen in 2015, proving a popular figure both with fans and among his teammates.

As well as regularly delivering on the pitch (his 107 goals in 280 appearances for Spurs are just the tip of the iceberg), Son has proven time and time again that within his chest beats a heart of purest gold.

So, in order to celebrate four more years of Son-shine at the Tottenham Stadium, here are four reasons why he’s almost universally regarded as one of the nicest guys in football.

1. Takes his duties as ‘Uncle Son’ seriously

Despite being suspended for Tottenham’s final home game of the 2018-19 season, Son was able to park his disappointment and instead spend the afternoon entertaining his teammates’ children.

Operating as a sort of impromptu crèche service, the Korean was on top form during the postmatch lap of honour, giggling with Erik Lamela‘s son and even playfully distracting Christian Eriksen‘s child while dad posed for a photo.

The scenes caused a mass outbreak of happiness on social media, with some fans even calling for Son to be awarded by FIFA with “a Ballon d’Or for niceness.”

2. A charitable soul

Eclipsing his popularity in North London, Son is a bona fide national hero back home, with his fame and celebrity likened to that of David Beckham.

He is widely revered as both the captain of the South Korea national team and as his nation’s preeminent athlete, with his face gracing billboards and posters from Seoul to Gwangju.

However, in April 2019, Son proved that the love runs both ways. Horrified to see forest fires devastating large swathes of the northeastern region of the country, the Spurs man donated £100,000 to help those in need.

“It’s nothing compared to what the victims have sacrificed,” he said at the time. “Although I’m living abroad, I know what’s happening in my home country. I believe money does not matter. The most important thing in my mind is to do something for the victims.”

3. K-pop aficionado and style icon

Son has expressed an undying love for K-pop in the past, admitting that BTS are his boy band of choice.

Having moved to Germany at the age of 16, Son revealed that he had come to rely on the music of BTS in a bid to combat homesickness

“If you’re Korean, you listen to BTS,” he told Volvo Korea. “They’ve become somewhat of a support system for me, helping me overcome the difficulties of living abroad. I appreciate them and I’m their biggest fan.”

Son has also dabbled in fashion modelling while living in London, becoming the unlikely face of designer Ralph Lauren’s clothing range for Wimbledon 2021.

This is despite the Spurs forward openly admitting that he doesn’t play tennis at all.

“I wish I could play but I can’t! I’m not good at it,” he told GQ magazine.

Still, that didn’t stop Son from looking razor sharp in his pinstriped blazer and tie.

4. A smile to light up a room

Son’s boundless positive energy is renowned, with Gareth Bale even referring to his Spurs teammate as “the nicest person on Earth” due to his ability to keep morale running high among the squad.

The South Korean cut a shy figure on his initial arrival at the club, though the six years since have seen a total transformation in character — with the striker now confident and comfortable enough to take a leading role in the dressing room.

One look at his beaming face and you can’t help but feel the joy beginning to spread through your entire being.

However, we can’t recall ever seeing Son happier than he appears to be while jigging around in this truly mesmerising commercial for a Korean ice cream brand.

You are very welcome.