Philippe Coutinho is not a celebrity for being famous but for his football

Philippe Coutinho's fame derives entirely from how he plays football.
Philippe Coutinho’s fame derives entirely from how he plays football.

This is a profile of Philippe Coutinho, who is part of ESPN’s World Fame 100.

He does not have the fame of Neymar, nor the charisma of Daniel Alves or Marcelo.

Philippe Coutinho’s fame is nearly entirely associated with football.

The youngster first appeared in Vasco showing promise. He went to Inter Milan without a lot of fanfare, and later in much the same fashion to Espanyol. But it was in Liverpool where he exploded.

He became famous as a football player, and that made him a celebrity. The elite football in Terra da Rainha was what fueled him to become famous, where he could star in advertising campaigns and become part of the daily life of every Brazilian.

Now in Barcelona, it is Coutinho’s time to win over the planet. Alongside Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and company, he has everything to become one of the brightest stars in the world.